Leaden Sky Battle is a 2 player versus game, a mix between Snake and Chess.

Players control a Leader holding a flag and can create a chain with his teammates who are following him in a single-file line.
The group can be blocked as a formation, which is useful for battle.
It's a real time tactical versus game on a checkerboard where you have to think how to draft your snake, occupy the battleground dropping off mates, and build formations to defeat the Leader enemy.

Leaden Sky battle runs on Windows and requires Xbox controllers.

The game contains:
- a complete tutorial to learn controls.
- a training mode to think about your strategy.
- 4 game modes:
Battle, classic dual against players or bots.
Castle, gain control of a fortress by capturing units inside.
Tug of Sky, defeat your enemy consecutively to gain ground and sit your leader on his own throne.
Snokia, the Snake, but with weapons!
We need feedback from you, players!
Feel free to contact us for any comments or questions.
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Download the beta (v0.9.2) :

Patch notes 0.9.2 :

New game mode available "Castle" : Try to grow up your army with the neutrals mates inside the castle, but take care of the castle keepers.
New game mode available "Snokia" : The old versus snake restyled.
Snake movement improvement : you can now move within your snake freely!
New build formation behavior : you can now take in your formation all mates connected to the leader, even if they are not in the chain!
Bot removed (he will come back better than ever... one day).
Point system removed.
New selection mate menu.
Better controller management.
New formation and snake effects.
New start/end fight animations.
We are a collective of graphic and game designers located in Toulouse, France.

Leaden Sky Battle is our second game, we are currently working on another Leaden Sky game, focused on a single player game in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda.

Visit our website lancedesign.co to see our other projects.

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